Dog Accommodation

Offering three types of luxury accommodation to suit your dog(s) requirements.

A & A Animal Hotel is a family-run business, with trained staff obtaining qualifications which will maximise the care your dog receives. Our boarding kennels and accommodation is located in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, providing an excellent space for dogs to safely play and enjoy themselves in our surrounding secured exercise areas.

We offer three types of accommodation, namely: Standard Rooms, Family Room/runs and Executive Suites. The standard of care and attention provided for your dog(s) is exactly the same whichever accommodation you choose; the primary difference is space. All have double secure walkways and are locked at night. We have a daily stringent cleaning regime, whereby all our accommodation is thoroughly cleaned using specific animal friendly disinfectants. As each room becomes vacant a deep intensive clean is undertaken using stronger disinfectants to ensure a high level of hygiene is maintained at all times.

Standard Rooms

These are large indoor rooms which are light and airy, with tiled floors that allow us to maintain our excellent hygiene standards. All our guests are walked twice a day in one of our three fully secured exercise fields, either on or off the lead, as requested (note, only one dog will be off the lead at any one time, unless from the same family). Many customers are happy to leave up to three dogs to share our Standard Rooms, meaning families of dogs can enjoy their stay together. All rooms are centrally heated and provided with our traditional plastic dog baskets, bedding, water bowl and any of your dog’s favourite toys which you may wish to bring with you.

Family Room/run

These are the same as our standard rooms, but with the added benefit of an equally large, private covered outrun. This space can be accessed throughout the day at your dog’s leisure, however it is closed off during the evening to ensure rooms stay warm. Both inside and outside areas have tiled floors, again providing cleanliness for our guests and the indoor space is centrally heated.

We also offer family room/runs in a quieter area known as our Spinney Block, to accommodate those guests who are a little timid or prefer a quieter retreat. These have an indoor sleeping area with 24hr access to an indoor exercise area.

Each room is furnished with traditional plastic baskets, bedding, water bowl and any of your dog’s favourite toys which you may wish to bring with you. All our guests in Family Room/runs are exercised twice a day, again in our secured exercise fields with the option to be walked on or off the lead.

Executive Suites

Stately Block – These are the more spacious suites from our range of accommodation that we offer, consisting of a bedroom and a playroom with an adjoining door which is fixed open during the day. Both rooms are light, airy and calm; being enclosed away from the larger and so naturally busier building. Each room is fitted with tiled flooring and individually thermostat controlled underfloor heating, providing extra warmth in the bedroom. The rooms are also centrally heated and have a covered glass walkway off the back of the playroom, allowing guests to stay warm while watching outside happenings.

New for 2018 our Castle Block – similar to our Stately suites this newly refurbished area offers individual suites comprising of a spacious playroom and cosy bedroom.  These rooms are light and airy with a quiet and tranquil atmosphere. Each suite benefits from individually thermostat controlled underfloor heating and tiled floors. With a double glazed glass covered walkway overlooking fantastic views of Barkley Square and Cheshire countryside.

These features combined make our Executive Suites a very warm and cosy area for dogs to relax in during their stay in our care. Many customers are happy to leave families (depending on the size and breed) to share this accommodation, where they will either sleep on luxury four poster beds or on a raised sofa bed. As with the guests staying in our other types of accommodation, dogs are walked twice a day in fully enclosed exercise fields on or off the lead as requested.